Digital Photography Basics

Getting comfortable with new tools.
A Basic course for the digital photography beginner.

Digital photography is here. The new tools are breathtaking in their potential for creative production. We now have the ability to make and show images in ways we could not have dreamed of just a few years ago. But with the new potential digital photography has also created a high degree of confusion: there are now dozens of choices and possibilities to consider at every step along the road from conception to final art.

This workshop helps participants find their way through that forest of possibilities, and make it possible for them to work successfully on their own in the future. In the course, we concentrate on image capture (using the camera and becoming familiar with the menus and the new vocabulary),image editing (i.e., making the image look its very best), image storage and retrieval (the backbone of the operation), and image presentation(everything from printing to electronic books).

Not all tools are created equal. And not all users’ needs are equal. In the course of the workshop, we will look at different ways of solving problems, and try to make some choices about the best ways to proceed.

Classes are held at the Open Shutter Gallery
735 Main Avenue, Durango, Colorado.
Call 970 382-8355 to register.

Cost $200
Limit: 4 people

Instructor Paul Boyer's bio

Digital Photography Tutorials

For specific coaching, topics, directed training and/or further assistance...

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