Digital Photography Basics
Digital photography is here. The new tools are breathtaking in their potential for creative production. We now have the ability to make and show images in ways we could not have dreamed of just a few years ago. But with the new potential digital photography has also created a high degree of confusion: there are now dozens of choices and possibilities to consider at every step along the road from conception to final art.

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Adobe Photoshop Image Editing
Adobe Photoshop is a very big program. Photoshop’s powerful versatility is sometimes its most limiting factor, and causes most of the confusion. “If there are 10 ways to do the same thing, which one should I choose?”

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Digital Photography Tutorials
For specific coaching, advanced topics, directed training and/or further assistance...

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Travel Photography Workshops
To find out more about exciting travel workshops to France, Italy, Oaxaca and Myanmar click on the link bellow to photographer Paul Boyer's website: