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Jill Headington

Ever since I was in high school, when film was developed by inspection under red light, there has almost always been a dark room in our home. Favorite films (Super XX) and favorite papers (Oriental, Seagull) are now
long gone. Black and white film photographers are now concerned about the ever increasing threat of more discontinued film and paper.

My first camera, a Kodak reflex, was extensively used on a long trip from Naples to Istanbul and then on to Pakistan in the 1950’s. It proved to be a useful and durable friend during many adventures. In 1987 I found a used
1944 4 X 5 “Baby” Deardorff which was ideal for the white walls of Greece and for western landscapes. On occasion I also use 35 mm and 2 1/4 formats.

Photography is for me an avenue to the discovery of how light enriches and enhances the ordinary objects and landscapes of our lives.

Katherine Barr

After many years working as a videographer, video production assistant and video distributor, I began taking still color photographs in 1988. In 1990, I shot my first roll of black and white film and discovered a lifelong love. From that first roll, I won Best of Show for "Spanish Light" at the Main Mall Pro-Am Photo Contest in Durango, CO. From that time on, I have pursued all aspects of black & white photography. I now shoot, process and archivally print all of my photographs.

My favorite camera is an old wood 4x5 field camera. I have had several reviewed one-person shows in the Durango area and have extensively shown my work throughout southwest Colorado. For the past year, I have undertaken the challenge of improving my printing skills and have reprinted from some older negatives. Most of the prints in this show have been made in this last year. I am still very much experiencing the excitement and fun of taking pictures and working in the darkroom.