Kamil Vojnar  

The Open Shutter Gallery, 735 Main Avenue, Durango will present an exhibit of elegant mixed-media photographs by Kamil Vojnar in a show titled “Elsewhere”. These unique images are printed on various different materials including wood, aluminum, canvas as well as traditional photographic paper. Each one of these photographs is an original collage with a dreamy ethereal theme expressing both great happiness and sadness.

Kamil currently lives in Los Angeles with his family and spends summers in St. Remy de Provence where he has his own gallery. He was born in Moravia of Czechoslovakia where he studied at the School of Graphic Arts in Prague and then at the Philadelphia Art Institute when he first moved to the US. When he left his home country illegally it was still communist, but eventually he became a US citizen as he continued his studies and career in graphic design. His work focuses on the contradictions of the world we live in, particularly the place where beauty and suffering meet.