Ten Days in Italy...
Paul Boyer & Margy Dudley
Feb 16 - Mar 22, 2006

Boyer         Dudley


Paul Boyer
When Paul Boyer left his Ph.D. program in Italian and Renaissance
Literature, in 1974, it was to pursue an interest in photography that could
not be repressed. The desire to produce work that had relevance to a wide
variety of people and business interests drove his decision to leave the
academic world and enter the commercial world. Since that time, Boyer has
engaged in a number of enterprises that address the need to produce relevant
work, and he is best known for his portraits.

In addition to the commercial assignments he has completed, Boyer works on
self-assigned projects to test new tools and techniques, as well as to
satisfy his need for artistic expression. One of these projects, a study of
100 centenarians from around the United States and Canada, resulted in the
1990 publication of a book, One Hundred over 100, produced in conjunction
with writer Jim Heynen.

Boyer's stock photography collection consists of industrial, travel, scenic,
human interest, and sports images, covering the United States, Mexico, and
Italy. The images in his collection tend to reflect man's interaction with
nature, rather than showing nature or industry in isolation. All the same,
he's a sucker for a beautiful landscape covered by a dramatic sky, and he'll
try for any shot that calls his attention whether it fits his preconceptions
or not.

Boyer teaches workshops ranging from general photography for beginners, to
portrait photography for professionals. Since 1985, he has been a regular
instructor in portraiture for the Port Townsend (Washington) Photography
Workshops. He has taught in Talented and Gifted programs through public
schools, and he has taught numerous week-long sessions through the
Elderhostel Program. He sees teaching as an integral part of his work as a
professional photographer. Boyer moved from the Pacific Northwest to
Durango, Colorado, in 1999.