Raheleh Zomorodinia
After many years taking photos and working on many branches of photography,I have chosen this medium to express my views and ideas.For me,traveling is unavoidable,and that's where I get most of my subjects including the nature.Being to different places has helped me create many different works and the importance of the location can be seen in them.When I'm out there in the nature,I feel birth,life and death which are reflected inseparably in my final creation.

Maryam Amozegar
Education: BA in photography from islamic Azad University (Central branch of Tehran).

Experience:15 years work as a photographer at press and internal and foreign broadcasting cooperation with publications:Abrar,Abrar Varzeshi,Sorosh,Sorosh for women,Iran,Iran for youth,Iran Varzeshi,Women's Rights,Women,woman,Eastern Women,Bang Journal,IRIB news,ISNA and cooperation with Iranian Sport federations.

Cooperation with publications:Sport lllusted,Sigma photography Agency,BBC site in Farsi.

Taking part in Exhibitions:Participate photographer competition in 1992 and receiving prize and appreciations' certificate,organizing the individual Exhibitions with the title "Women,Sport,Mother" in 1999,participating in annual sport photography Exhibitions of Iran in 1996,1998 and 2003.