Peter Brooks Graf

July 7 - Sept 20, 2006


Peter Brooks Graf has always had an appreciation for the romantic depictions of art created by the old masters. Primarily, such works for the Pre-Raphaelite mold, High Victorian Art, and Romantic Classicism styles. Peter's work is captivating in that it boldly expresses the importance of the mood, rather than the event. This allows the viewer to be a participant, experiencing feelings and emotions in which to create his own interpretation about what is
being seen. Peter incorporates soft shadows and warm tones in his photography. His skillful work in the darkroom creates pieces of work with the appearance from the turn of the century.
Born and raised on a ranch in north Texas, his training has been primarily self taught. For more than twenty years Peter has been photographing the small things in life most people overlook. His unique way of photographing reveals an image that is open to the viewer's own interpretation.
Peter's search for subjects has taken him all over the U.S., Europe and Mexico. He has plans to travel to the Mediterranean and South America this year. Peter's interest is with the indigenous population of the world. Peter believes that we all share the same dreams and it's just the personal reality and geographical aspects that separate us.