Gunnar Conrad
Garry Winogrand once said, “I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed”. The honesty and simplicity of that statement resonates with me, but ultimately, I guess that as much as I might like, I’m still unable to distill my process and philosophy down to something as concise as Winogrand’s.

For me the process is very much about finding and seeing; perhaps closer to a quote by Walker Evans, that photography “is the capture and projection of the delights of seeing; it is the defining of observation full and felt”. In my own case, and in the interest of honesty and precision, I need to explain that I’m not at all sure I consider myself an artist. I recognize that I have a good eye and that I have technical skills to record what I see. But I see myself more as a ‘finder’, a ‘seer’, and a ‘recorder. I look at the process in the way that Richard Feynman the physicist described: “the excitement is not in the fact that you have created something, but that you’ve found something beautiful that’s always been there”. In it’s simplest form my process is this: I love to just go out and look at stuff, and when I find something I like, I take a picture of it, almost as a congratulatory gesture to myself.

I make images for myself, but in sharing my vision with others there is a natural connection and the completion of a cycle in which something was created in the world, I find/see it, I record it, I put it back out into the world where someone can view it in the context of creating a new point in time and place in the world.

Fine Art Exhibitions and Awards

Center For Fine Art Photography Fort Collins, CO 2009 International Exhibition of Fine Art Photography

Banff International Mountain Film Banff, AB, Canada 2009 Festival Photography Competition

Center for Fine Art Photography Fort Collins, CO 2008 National ASMP (American Soc of Media Photographers) show.

International Art of Photography Show San Diego, CA 2008

Open Shutter Gallery Two Man Show Durango, CO 2008

International Aperture Awards Australia 2008 Winner of three silvers and two bronzes

International Photography Awards Los Angeles, CA 2007 (Lucies) Historic Architecture, First Place