Western Landscapes
David Collier





David Collier was born, raised, and lived until age twenty in the small Northern California town of Auburn. Here he learned much of his love for the outdoors roaming around his ten acre property. This and many family road trips to nearly every state in the west gave him an appreciation for camping, nature, and just getting out of town. He took his first photography class as a senior in high school, and found a passion that would keep him in the darkroom for hours after every one else had left. At this time, however, music was also an important part of his life and took up most of his spare time. Eventually this love for photography would flare up through more classes at a nearby community college and make him leave his music career for the prestigious Brook Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. Here he honed his skills and found a passion that he never new he had. Now, every few months he spends a week or so "getting out of town." And when he comes back he has a few more images to show and a few more stories to tell. Life is good and the world is spectacular.