October 15 - December 1, 2010


Joey Lawrence is a young Canadian photographer, based in New York, however his work often takes him all over the world leading to a somewhat nomadic existence. Joey’s main interest outside of photography is travel and he combines the two by documenting all his trips, over the past 12 months he has visited India, Romania, Moldova, Ethiopia and Indonesia often living with the local people and tribes he meets, absorbing himself within their cultures and traditions and photographing the people and their lives.

Rather than a “traditional” documentary photographer Joey treats his subjects in the same way as he would approach a commercial shoot, “why should I travel all the way to Africa and use a different approach just because I am photographing someone of a different culture, I decided to approach my travel subjects the same way I approach the band and commercial shoots; giving them the same level of care and attention”.

Joey was recently awarded the 1st place in the International Photography Awards for his Abyssinia project, shot in Eithiopia’s Omo Valley, and featuring portraits of the various warring tribes that occupy the valley.

As well as a celebrated stills photographer, Joey also works with film, and has shot music videos for Underground Operations, South Bayeau and Big & Dirty Records.

from Patricia McMahon Photography Ltd.