The Peruvian Wildlife Photography of
Heinz Plenge

Heinz Plenge

His work has been exhibited in diverse countries such as Japan, China, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Germany, The United States, Canada, Holland, England, Sweden and Finland. His largest individual exhibit, "Homage to the Earth", is currently being displayed in Peru with great success and comprises over 1,000 photographs aimed particularly for children and young persons. His exhibit "Peru, The Rain Sanctuary" was invited by the National Geographic Society to partake in the events celebrating the second anniversary of magazine's Spanish edition.

He has published the books "Peru Wildlife" and "The Golden Jalca" and is currently editing the book "Peruvian Rainforest".

His photographs have been published by institutions such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Smithsonian Museum and the BBC as well as international magazines of high renown such as National Geographic, Geo (Germany, France, Korea and Spain), The New York Times Magazine, Mother Jones, Conde Nast Traveler, Connoisseur, Terra, Geomundo, Airone, Omega, Fotografie Draussen and Seven Seas. His photographs are also used for a variety of purposes among which outstand calendars, stamps and school textbooks and notebooks, thus contributing towards education.

Since 1999, Mr. Plenge has been based in Chiclayo, from where he hopes to be the link to channel support and funds towards conservation projects in northern Peru.

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