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Born in 1962, in Czechoslovakia
(today's Czech Republic)

No…..Common’ I am no Artist!
I just make those little pictures.
Small pictures. No big deal.
Honest statements about the state of my soul.

I compose them from photographs I take.
I print them, sometimes few times over,
I cut them, I glue them, I varnish them
and…sometimes…paint on them
I scratch them, glue and paint over again.
And I am never finished.
I labor on them, letting intuition to work itself out.
Trying to keep intellect at bay.
Images push themselves through,
like they need to be done.
I am just an instrument,
channeling them down to the paper.
To the paper, because it’s too late for me
to learn to sculpt or play a violin.


Really, I cannot say much more than that,
it’s not about here and now.
It’s about collisions!!!
Of yellowish nostalgia,
melancholy, of our sepia tinted past,
…colliding with the cold,ultra LED HDTV plasma,
retina display, uninspiring, robotic present.
and…yes…the sensed, spectral future!

I compose my pictures from elements, like a puzzle.
I print them to different papers, collage them to canvas,
wood or…other papers.
I varnish them, I sandpaper them and varnish them again.
I am making objects destined to live,
…and to be lived with.



Elsewhere 2013

Random Thoughts 2015


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